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Day trip to Gibraltar from Málaga

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Guided day trip/tour to Gibraltar from Málaga with pickup at hotels and busstops.

Gibraltar, standing as it does, is one of the most strategic crossroads in the world, and has always attracted visitors, also has over the years been fought over by many nations. As a duty free port it offers fantastic shopping opportunities for tobacco, alcoholic drinks, clothes, perfumes jewellery etc, and everything at very interesting prices.

Pick up at the indicated time in the different hotels and transfer by coach with a guide to La Linea de la Concepcion. Border procedures and arrival in Gibraltar. Length of stay 5 hours during which, and depending on the type of excursion, you will have a visit to the city or dolphin watching and/or free time for shopping. In the afternoon and at the time indicated by the guide, return to the place of origin on the Costa del Sol.

Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar
Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar

Details group tours & trips to Gibraltar from Málaga:

Tour includes (options):
Shopping: Coach, guide assistance, free time.
Visit: Coach, guide assistance, free time and visit by minibus.
The visit to the Rock includes: guide-driver, stop at Punta de Europa (from where you can contemplate the Strait of Gibraltar and, in the case of good weather, see Ceuta and Morocco), the entrance to the Cave of San Miguel and the oportunity to see close the famous Gibraltar monkeys (Macaca sylvanus), the only wild primates in freedom in Europe. The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then around 3 hours of free time to shop and visit the city on your own.
Dolphins: Coach, guide assistance, free time.  But once in The Rock the clients will also have included a ship tour to meet the dolphins and try to get nice pictures.
(Dolphins are wild animals in there natural habitat, so we can´t guarantee 100% if and how many will be viewed, however normally these are viewed)

Please note, times and hours are aproximate and both times, hours and order may change, in total aprox. 5 hours in Gibraltar.

Pickup & Drop off: We will pick you up and drop you off at one of our many pickup points in hotels, busstops etc. along the coast.

Recomendations: You can pay with euro in Gibraltar so no need to exchange.

Tour guides on trip: 
Speak English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Travel Documentation:
Valid passport or ID card for EU citizens.
Not from European Union: valid passport. Some countries need a visa.
More information: Link to Gibraltars Goverment

Schedule details:
Mondays to Saturdays from Costa del Sol
Pick up
Drop off      
Mijas Costa
Estepona 09:30 15:45
(Times are only approximate and especially drop off may vary a lot)

Prices from Costa del Sol (group tours from Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas Costa, Marbella and Estepona to Gibraltar):
Shopping trip: 
• Adults: 31 €
• Children 4 - 11 years: 23,25 €
• Children 0 - 3 years: 15,50 €
Visit tour:
• Adults: 69 €
• Children 4 - 11 years : 51,75
• Children 0 - 3 years: 34,50
Dolphins tour:
• Adults: 61 €
• Children 4 - 11 years : 45,75
• Children 0 - 3 years: 30,50
If you want to be picked up in Málaga City there will be a complement of 3€ per person.
(The prices for babies and children do not include seats or boosters.)

Booking terms and cancellations (group tour):
Not coming at the acorded pickup time and place is considered No Show, and No Shows are charged with 100% of the total amount. A refund is posible as long as canceled at least one business day (24 hours) in advance before start of trip. Bank fees and commisions will be deducted from the amount to refund.

Opening hours for online bookings:
You can book online for next coming day Monday-Fredays until 18.30 and on weekends and holidays until 13.00. After that online bookings is only possible for other days.

Details private tours & trips to Gibraltar from Málaga:

Prices per person in the private group (option visit):
(Example, in a group of 7 the price would be 7 x 135 = 945€).

6 people 147€, 7 people 132€, 8 people 120€,  9 people 111€, 10 people 104€, 11 people 98€, 12 people 93€, 13 people 89€, 14 people 85€, 15 people 82€, 16 people 79€, 17 people 77€, 18 people 75€, 19 people 73€, 20 people 71€, 21 people 69€, 22 people 68€, 23 people 67€, 24 people 66€, 25 people 65€, 26 people 63,80€, 27 people 63€, 28 people 62€, 29 people 61€, 30 people 60€, 31 people 59,20€, 32 people 59€,  33 people 58,80€, 34 people 58,50€, 35 people 58€, 36 people 57,80€, 37 people 57€, 38 people 56€, 39 people 55,80€, 40 people 55,50€, 41 people 55€, 42 people 54,50€, 43 people 54€, 44 people 53,50€, 45 people 53€, 46 people 52,50€, 47 people 52€, 48 people 51,80€, 49 people 51,50€, 50 people 51,20€, 51 people 51€, 52 people 50,80€, 53 people 50,50€, 54 people 50,20€, 55 people 50€.

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